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Finder shortcuts – Navigate finder directories with your keyboard

If you’re anything like me you’re always searching for ways to make your life easier on OSX. This post follows on from the five extremely useful finder keyboard shortcuts post I wrote last month detailing how to navigate through directories …

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Control system volume from terminal

A bit of a fun tip for today, control your system volume from the terminal. Of course, if you have access to another Mac via SSH you could always manipulate the volume remotely via SSH, say, for instance, someone is …

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Web programmers can become mobile developers with Appcelerator

Learning a new programming language isn’t always the most suitable way to get into another market for development. More often than not people are put off by having to learn a new language, and despite being beneficial for them the …

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10 facts you may or may not know about PHP

Here are some interesting facts you may or may not know about the PHP programming language. Be warned, these facts are probably not worth bringing up at your friends party – Unless you happen to be at party specifically for …

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How to clear your DNS cache on OS X

When a DNS change has occurred on your network, unlike what seems to be believed, you do not need to reboot your Mac.

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Performance tip: Keep your desktop clean

If you’re having some performance issues with your Mac it’s worth cleaning your desktop. OSX redraws icons on your desktop whenever they’re in preview, this takes processing time and results in a slower system so remove them from your desktop.

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PHP: fgetcsv(), fgets() and file() line ending detection issues

Having problems with fgetcsv(), fgets() or file() incorrectly detecting line endings? Not a problem! Depending on the operating system in which the file was created the line endings tend to be different: Linux: \n OS X: \n Windows: \r\n

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My review of Snow Leopard after four months usage.

So as of today I’ve been running Snow Leopard on my Macbook for a total of four months and I must say what a treat it has been. The fact that the upgrade cost me less than a game for …

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