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Find the processor and memory information on a Linux box

Surprisingly, finding out your processor and memory information on a Linux box is rather easy. To find the processor information cat /proc/cpuinfo

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Find files that have been modified within or more than N days

Finding files that have been modified N+ days ago or less than N days is actually a common procedure for system administrators, but not only is it common, it’s dead easy. Using the “-mtime” option you can find files based …

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Changing to the previous directory

A rather easy to remember but often not used change directory parameter, changing to your previous directory and the directory before that. It’s simple, easy to remember, so why are you not using it?

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Executing a command with input from find output

Files on Linux can be found in quite a few different ways, two of the more common commands are find and locate. Personally I tend to use find more so over locate due to the higher search-ability and actions available …

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10 facts you may or may not know about PHP

Here are some interesting facts you may or may not know about the PHP programming language. Be warned, these facts are probably not worth bringing up at your friends party – Unless you happen to be at party specifically for …

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List the last 10 files in a directory and order

Listing of files is a common procedure day in day out when on the command line and more often than not you will want to list the last X amount of files. Doing so is pretty simple: ls -ltr | …

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How to find the version of Ubuntu

Our network mainly runs on Ubuntu servers, especially for development. When trying to fix an issue or do an update I often need to know the version of Ubuntu installed on the server. Thankfully this is an extremely easy task, …

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Being a command line junkie I am always looking at ways to make my life easier and for that to happen I need to be able to do things faster. As a result I thought it worth while mentioning CTRL+R …

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Sudo !!

Do you ever find yourself writing commands that can only be ran as root without being the root user or prepending the command with sudo? It’s annoying isn’t it! Well there is a way to run the command through sudo …

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PHP: fgetcsv(), fgets() and file() line ending detection issues

Having problems with fgetcsv(), fgets() or file() incorrectly detecting line endings? Not a problem! Depending on the operating system in which the file was created the line endings tend to be different: Linux: \n OS X: \n Windows: \r\n

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