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A follow up to getting your iPhone app expedited by the Apple review team

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about theories on getting your iPhone app review expedited by contacting the Apple review team. Early last week I decided to try my first idea which was putting the app name …

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Thoughts on how to expedite your iPhone application review

Browsing the web trying to find a decent explanation to Apples review process I came across a discussion about app review times. Reading the discussion I came across an email address that made me think about how you could possibly expedite …

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Appcelerator: Left/Right nav button background colour

Due to the workings of the iPhone SDK, allowing system buttons, which are the default nav buttons located on the navbar to have different background colours is not currently possible.

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iPhone App Review: Wifi HD

Recently I came across a rather interesting and somewhat useful app for the iPhone. This app, by the name of Wifi HD turns your iPhone into a wireless hard drive. That alone is interesting enough to download this app, but …

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Web programmers can become mobile developers with Appcelerator

Learning a new programming language isn’t always the most suitable way to get into another market for development. More often than not people are put off by having to learn a new language, and despite being beneficial for them the …

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An overview of iPhone 4

On the 24th of June, merley 2 weeks from now another revolutionary device will be available from the Apple store. Apple are not wrong, they have created a new device that will once again change everything in the hands of …

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I’m still alive

Some of you guys may have noticed my absence from this blog over the past month, so I thought I’d update you with the rather hectic lifestyle I am living at the moment and assure you all that I am in …

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