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Howto set date and time from the CLI and keep your time synced with ntpdate

Being a systems administrator, at some point in your life you’re more than likely going to need to update the date and time on your linux box. If you only have command line access to a linux server you will …

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How to send email from the command line

A quick and easy test to make sure SMTP is working on a server is to send an email, without a desktop environment this can be done via the command line. This how to demonstrates how to do so on …

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Find the total amount of logged in users in Linux

Finding out how many users are logged into a box is surprisingly an easy task. You can use who to list all ttys connections like so: who srcnix console Nov 2 09:23 srcnix ttys000 Nov 5 09:42 srcnix ttys001 Nov …

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