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Installing CentOS 5.4 over HTTP

Installing a distro, in this case CentOS over HTTP is a good learning experience however, beyond learning it can have some great benefits:

- You can boot from small media, for example a 100Mb USB drive
- You get all the latest builds for software and services
- You might have a customised repository of packages on your network that your company uses that you want to install from

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My review of Snow Leopard after four months usage.

So as of today I’ve been running Snow Leopard on my Macbook for a total of four months and I must say what a treat it has been. The fact that the upgrade cost me less than a game for most consoles was amazing. With a current price tag of £25.00 on Amazon it’s an absolute steal and I cannot stress enough how worthwhile the upgrade would be to most.

Instead of an upgrade I decided to backup my data and install from scratch. The install process alone was a great improvement on Leopard, I’d say about 30 – 40% faster, it was definitely noticeably different and the size of the install is definitely smaller, as promised by Apple.

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Debugging methods for PHP

I recently read an article about the most commonly used PHP functions and while reading I was thinking about the most useful functions I tend to use day in, day out when debugging.

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Bullet for my Valentine

It takes a lot for me to call a band a favorite but to say the least Bullet for my Valentine have definitely hit the top shelf of limited bands.

Trying to find the words to describe BFMVs greatness has been somewhat difficult for me to do but after hearing their new song titled “Begging for Mercy” for the first time in my motor, traveling down a dual carriage way at 70MPH with my speakers shaking from the bass pedals (Moose) the only words that came out of my mouth were “this is f****** sick!”. Now I don’t usually use “sick” as an adjective but damn they’re good and if their new album is 1/10th as good as this song is, it’s going to be friggin’ awesome.

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7 tips to prevent PHP running out of memory

Is the following error familiar to you?

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of XXX bytes exhausted

It is to me and recently I’ve written an import script that reads the contents of 10 XML files. These files accumulate a total of 14.9MB in size. The XML files contain page content (A good 10,000), each page has references to images and PDFs which needed to be downloaded, stored on the filesystem in the same directory structure as well as imported into an asset manager, again in the same structure. Once the assets have been downloaded the script stores the contents of the XML files.

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symfony 1.2+ tasks: The “default” context does not exist

If you happen to run into the error ‘The “default” context does not exist’ when running a custom symfony task the chances are you’re using a method of an object which utilizes sfContext. It seems symfony does not create an instance of sfContext by default and thus the error is returned. The only solution to this issue that I have found so far is to create a new instance of sfContext with your tasks configuration as the set parameters.

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My thoughts on the iPad

Over the past few months much hype circulated about the announcement of the Apple iPad. With the hype came a lot of speculation of its potential “awesomeness” and because of this it seems a great deal of people were let down with what Apple revealed.

Personally, I thought the release of the iPad was a little disappointing. At least until I read between the lines and really thought about the use of the device.

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Idea evolution, my thoughts, the complications, the frustration!

Over the years I’ve sparked numerous ideas for projects that I thought were worth contemplating. The problem I found was if I can have the idea then it’s a sure thing that someone else already has, but does that mean I should throw away the ideas?

I got to the point where I was actually thinking of ignoring my own ideas as they had all seem to be done, one way or another. My mind was not open enough to think otherwise. That was until recently when my views on what an idea was completely changed.

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Fly by nights

I fancy a bit of an intriguing rant.

Firstly a couple of dictionary results for the main keywords:


Well-advanced or competent in any art, science, or subject; skilled: a proficient swimmer


Acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition: knowledge of many things.

Recently I have been on a few individuals websites to see how and what they’ve been doing with their time and upon doing so I have happened to (intentionally) stumble across their about and skills pages.

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First off I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Steve Clarke and I was born and live in the UK. My alias is srcnix, hence the domain and title for this blog. You will find me on most social networks under this alias.

I have been working in the web industry commercially since 2005 and currently work for a digital agency named Bluhalo, however have been developing since ’98.

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