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Why do Apple not allow donation apps?

While thinking about applications that I could develop, I came up with a pretty simple idea that has yet to be done. The idea? Simple, a list of all charities along with their properties and a donate button for each individual charity. A rather simple and selfless application on my behalf, however, a nice way to help those in need.

The idea of the donate button was to allow end users to make a donation to a specific charity through the in app payment gateway, as apposed to having to input their Paypal credentials on their phone. Through very little research it seems this is far from possible, at least, through Apple’s own in app purchase API.

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10 things you probably do not know about the Internet

Being a web developer and network manager I am often asked questions about the Internet, some of the answers I happen to give are not actually believed. Because of this, here is a list of facts that are completely true, certified by myself.

Internet Mouse

The Real Truth Behind The Internet

Fact One

The Internet has been around for just over 1200 years. Most believe the Internet has only recently came about, others think they’re correct in saying the Internet has been around since the late 50′s, but they are all wrong.

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Web programmers can become mobile developers with Appcelerator

Learning a new programming language isn’t always the most suitable way to get into another market for development. More often than not people are put off by having to learn a new language, and despite being beneficial for them the learning curve and time required to produce the application in mind is usually far too long for them to consider.

Then comes along a development tool that allows you to use languages you know to produce applications for devices you’ve longed for, an example would be Appcelerator Titanium, a revolution for web developers.

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium

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Find the processor and memory information on a Linux box

Surprisingly, finding out your processor and memory information on a Linux box is rather easy.

To find the processor information

cat /proc/cpuinfo

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An overview of iPhone 4

On the 24th of June, merley 2 weeks from now another revolutionary device will be available from the Apple store.

iPhone 4

iPhone 4

Apple are not wrong, they have created a new device that will once again change everything in the hands of an individual. Most would be confused about this, wondering what else one can do with a hand held device but let me tell you, it’s not just about the device’s capabilities.

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Is Diaspora the future of social networking?

With the up and rising chaos that has come to social networking, also known as the Facebook privacy settings, someone or a group of people need to make a stand. These people need to come together and change the path of privacy and control over social networking, enter diaspora, a possible revolution in social networking.

diaspora: “the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network”

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Find files that have been modified within or more than N days

Finding files that have been modified N+ days ago or less than N days is actually a common procedure for system administrators, but not only is it common, it’s dead easy.

Using the “-mtime” option you can find files based on their modified time, in days.

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Changing to the previous directory

A rather easy to remember but often not used change directory parameter, changing to your previous directory and the directory before that. It’s simple, easy to remember, so why are you not using it?

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I’m still alive

Some of you guys may have noticed my absence from this blog over the past month, so I thought I’d update you with the rather hectic lifestyle I am living at the moment and assure you all that I am in fact still alive and writing informative posts for you all.

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A look into coding standards

Standardisation in any programming language is usually put in place for a reason. Simplicity and understanding of a set of standards and abiding by them tackles one issue with moving from project to project. Sticking to the same coding standards as everyone else in your team or the known underlying standards adopted from the language developers is important and saves everyone time.

Having a consistent environment from project to project means programmers can move to any piece of code and figure out what’s going on without having to learn new, non-standard methods of laying out code. It’s also something a group of programmers would have in common. We deal with enough code problems as it is, why add additional enemies to our list?

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