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Interesting traffic and domain infographics

This week I come across two rather interesting infographics. These infographics represent two different aspects of the Internet. The first, traffic and the second domains.

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OSX: Five extremely useful finder keyboard shortcuts

Here are five extremely useful finder keyboard shortcuts that every OSX user should know.

Open a new finder window
This key sequence will open a new finder window in front of the current window.


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iPhone App Review: Wifi HD

Wifi HD

Wifi HD iPhone App

Recently I came across a rather interesting and somewhat useful app for the iPhone. This app, by the name of Wifi HD turns your iPhone into a wireless hard drive. That alone is interesting enough to download this app, but using it was worth the purchase price of £1.19 ($1.99).

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Gaming site where gamers pay to play with girls

Today, while browsing Mashable I came across this post. This inspired me to write something about the concepts and my thoughts on such an abnormal but exceptionally unique idea.

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OSX: How to take a screen shot

There are several ways to capture your screen on OSX. Find below the key sequences to the most used screen capture commands.

Entire display screen shot
This takes an screenshot of your entire display.


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Useful command line cursor shortcuts

Find below some useful cursor shortcuts, while it may take a while to get used to using these commands, they will increase your efficiency in command line usage.

Move the the beginning of the line:


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Using arguments from the previous command

Repeating arguments used in the previous command can be rather annoying, especially if it’s a long, complicated value. However, using an explanation mark can repeat the previous arguments. Much like using double explanation marks to repeat the entire previous command.

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Entrepreneurs: Ideas and progressing

Always coming up with ideas, I tend to start one, think of another, and put the previous project on hold while I progress the new idea. The only issue with that is not actually finishing a project idea – or at least, not getting it out there.

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Get your kernel version

Need to know your kernel version? It’s simple, the following will output the version of your kernel.

uname -r

If you want to know full details of the kernel and system change the “-r” option for “-a”, like so:

uname -a

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Open a root/user shell with sudo

Making your life easier should be of some interest to you. If you have full sudo rights simply run the following command in your terminal to open a root shell.

sudo -s

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