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Updates: Entering the world of iPhone app development and more

Yesterday I submitted my first iPhone application to Apple and with that I will be releasing an additional section to srcnix’s obsessions. More importantly, upon acceptance this application will be the first project I have ever finished (Minus this blog), this is a rather huge experience for myself and the feeling of just submitting the app is great enough to want to experience again. To cut this short, expect more, lots more.

This new section, which will be known as srcnix’s apps; will cover all applications I develop. Whether iPhone apps, web apps or system applications you will find a great deal of coverage for my releases. This site will also act as a location for users of my apps to come and collaborate with me, whether to thank me, moan at me or to request a feature, this will be the place for you to go.

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10 great Microsoft and Windows jokes

A joke to lighten the mood for any geek is always appreciated, so here are ten of my favourite light-hearted Microsoft and Windows geek jokes.

Windows, just another pane in the glass.

In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows?

Computers are like air-conditioning, they stop working properly if you open Windows.

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How to send email from the command line

A quick and easy test to make sure SMTP is working on a server is to send an email, without a desktop environment this can be done via the command line. This how to demonstrates how to do so on Ubuntu.

First, make sure you have mailutils installed, otherwise you will not be able to use the mail command.

sudo apt-get install mailutils

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Finder shortcuts – Navigate finder directories with your keyboard

If you’re anything like me you’re always searching for ways to make your life easier on OSX. This post follows on from the five extremely useful finder keyboard shortcuts post I wrote last month detailing how to navigate through directories with the keyboard.

First, you need to open “Go to folder” with SHIFT+CMD+G. This will open the following navigation panel.

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Control system volume from terminal

A bit of a fun tip for today, control your system volume from the terminal. Of course, if you have access to another Mac via SSH you could always manipulate the volume remotely via SSH, say, for instance, someone is playing some rather pathetic or annoying music and you want it to stop!

sudo osascript -e “set Volume X”

Where X needs to be a value between 0 (Mute0 and 10 (Max volume).

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Find the total amount of logged in users in Linux

Finding out how many users are logged into a box is surprisingly an easy task. You can use who to list all ttys connections like so:

srcnix console Nov 2 09:23
srcnix ttys000 Nov 5 09:42
srcnix ttys001 Nov 3 15:08
srcnix ttys002 Nov 3 15:28
srcnix ttys003 Nov 4 10:28
srcnix ttys004 Nov 3 09:59
srcnix ttys005 Nov 3 09:59

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In terminal open the current working directory in finder

When working with the terminal it’s sometimes required to open your current working directory in finder. While, to my annoyance, opening finder and navigating to the directory is of course possible some of us enjoy the quick and easy open command.

In terminal use the open command to open a directory. To open the current directory in finder you simply enter ‘.’ as your argument, where dot represents the current working directory.

open .

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How to dump MySQL stored procedures

When dumping a MySQL database, by default, stored procedures and functions will not be backed up. If you want to backup stored procedures as well as the structure and data you can specify the –routines option on mysqldump.

mysqldump -u -p –routines > backup.sql

If you only need to dump the stored procedures, for example the database is big and you already have an export of everything bar the routines you can use the following command:

mysqldump -u -p –routines –no-create-info –no-data –no-create-db –skip-opt > procedures_backup.sql

The above command tells mysqldump not to include the table creation SQL, the insert SQL, the database creation SQL and the database options, if any.

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Appcelerator teams up with Paypal, what does that mean for us?

Appcelerator and Paypal

With the latest news of Appcelerator receiving $9million worth of investment and it’s partnership with Paypal; I found myself in bed wondering what this means to us, the developers and digital agencies.

The first and foremost important factor of this news is that if you haven’t started using Appcelerator because of not knowing if it will still be around in years to comes, you should now have that piece of mind that you need.

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The new srcnix’s obsessions

Early this morning I launched the new srcnix’s obsessions and with this launch will come continuous updates and a great deal more howtos and quick tips.

The design has been derived from my love of blue and, as the keywords show, my love for all things web, tech and me.

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