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Testing: Users lacking knowledge are the greatest users of them all

Before submitting an app to Apple I decided to hand it over to my wife. Now my wife isn’t a programmer but is an avid web user, but, putting the app in her hands for 10 minutes identified some seriously …

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Appcelerator teams up with Paypal, what does that mean for us?

With the latest news of Appcelerator receiving $9million worth of investment and it’s partnership with Paypal; I found myself in bed wondering what this means to us, the developers and digital agencies. The first and foremost important factor of this …

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Mind cramp!

It’s often that a programmer will be looking at his or her code for hours on end and finally come to a point where they’re unable to solve the most simple of problems. This isn’t to do with the programmers …

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Web programmers can become mobile developers with Appcelerator

Learning a new programming language isn’t always the most suitable way to get into another market for development. More often than not people are put off by having to learn a new language, and despite being beneficial for them the …

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A look into coding standards

Standardisation in any programming language is usually put in place for a reason. Simplicity and understanding of a set of standards and abiding by them tackles one issue with moving from project to project. Sticking to the same coding standards …

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A look into exploitation: XSS

XSS, also known as CSS (Cross-Site Scripting, not Cascading Style Sheets) is actually one of the most common forms of web application vulnerability, and is becoming just as popular as SQL Injection. General overview Attackers can inject HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, …

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