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iPhone App Review: Wifi HD

Recently I came across a rather interesting and somewhat useful app for the iPhone. This app, by the name of Wifi HD turns your iPhone into a wireless hard drive. That alone is interesting enough to download this app, but …

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An overview of iPhone 4

On the 24th of June, merley 2 weeks from now another revolutionary device will be available from the Apple store. Apple are not wrong, they have created a new device that will once again change everything in the hands of …

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Strong password generation

Trying to think of strong passwords isn’t an easy job, at least, not for most. Even harder is trying to remember the strong, random password you have chosen – at least it was until I found Strong Password Generator. This …

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Five awesome 404 pages

Every now and again I will come across an awesome 404 page, either accidentally or in result of being pointed to it by a peer. Here is a collection of the 404 pages I think are worth taking a look …

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Review: iSlayer’s iStatMenu

Being the beginning of the working week I thought I’d start it with a review of iStat. For the past 6 or so months I have been using iSlayer’s iStatMenu on my Macs and I’ve got to say that it’s …

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5 Twitter users worth a mention (Web development and techy)

I fancied mentioning some users I follow on Twitter, not because they’re at all special (Well, some may be) but because they have either helped or entertained me, whether formally or informally. Keeping this post in line with the …

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3 useful sources for web development and web apps

Every day I visit a series of blogs and other resource sites that help me get through my day. As a thank you to the owners and writers I thought I’d write a little about some of the sites that …

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My review of Snow Leopard after four months usage.

So as of today I’ve been running Snow Leopard on my Macbook for a total of four months and I must say what a treat it has been. The fact that the upgrade cost me less than a game for …

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My thoughts on the iPad

Over the past few months much hype circulated about the announcement of the Apple iPad. With the hype came a lot of speculation of its potential “awesomeness” and because of this it seems a great deal of people were let …

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