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Quick tips and notes that may be useful

Get your kernel version

Need to know your kernel version? It’s simple, the following will output the version of your kernel. uname -r If you want to know full details of the kernel and system change the “-r” option for “-a”, like so: uname …

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Open a root/user shell with sudo

Making your life easier should be of some interest to you. If you have full sudo rights simply run the following command in your terminal to open a root shell. sudo -s

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Find the processor and memory information on a Linux box

Surprisingly, finding out your processor and memory information on a Linux box is rather easy. To find the processor information cat /proc/cpuinfo

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Find files that have been modified within or more than N days

Finding files that have been modified N+ days ago or less than N days is actually a common procedure for system administrators, but not only is it common, it’s dead easy. Using the “-mtime” option you can find files based …

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Changing to the previous directory

A rather easy to remember but often not used change directory parameter, changing to your previous directory and the directory before that. It’s simple, easy to remember, so why are you not using it?

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Detect if user input contains prohibited tags

Inspired by my previous article on XSS I thought I’d show a quick, simple and nice way to detect if user input contains some form of script or prohibited tags. Thankfully PHP developers have a function known as strip_tags. This …

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Know when to use double quotes – A second look

Based on the response I got from JaTaMan I thought it would be a good idea to add an additional post about single and double quote usage in PHP. JaTaMan pointed out that a colleague of his used the new …

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Know when to use double quotes

PHP is a great server side language to get into however more often than not developers are not aware of performance issues in their code. One issue is the use of double quotes for all string variables. While this is …

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Performance tip: Keep your desktop clean

If you’re having some performance issues with your Mac it’s worth cleaning your desktop. OSX redraws icons on your desktop whenever they’re in preview, this takes processing time and results in a slower system so remove them from your desktop.

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How to find the version of Ubuntu

Our network mainly runs on Ubuntu servers, especially for development. When trying to fix an issue or do an update I often need to know the version of Ubuntu installed on the server. Thankfully this is an extremely easy task, …

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