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Quick tips and notes that may be useful

symfony swift mailer localhost [] did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA-v4

A weird problem was put in front of me today. Every symfony site using swift mailer, bar one, on the same server were sending email correctly. Tailing the mail logs the following error was returned: Server xm-mta[19908]: oAJA1IcU019908: localhost [] …

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Finder shortcuts – Navigate finder directories with your keyboard

If you’re anything like me you’re always searching for ways to make your life easier on OSX. This post follows on from the five extremely useful finder keyboard shortcuts post I wrote last month detailing how to navigate through directories …

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Control system volume from terminal

A bit of a fun tip for today, control your system volume from the terminal. Of course, if you have access to another Mac via SSH you could always manipulate the volume remotely via SSH, say, for instance, someone is …

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Find the total amount of logged in users in Linux

Finding out how many users are logged into a box is surprisingly an easy task. You can use who to list all ttys connections like so: who srcnix console Nov 2 09:23 srcnix ttys000 Nov 5 09:42 srcnix ttys001 Nov …

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In terminal open the current working directory in finder

When working with the terminal it’s sometimes required to open your current working directory in finder. While, to my annoyance, opening finder and navigating to the directory is of course possible some of us enjoy the quick and easy open …

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PHP: Decode WINDOWS-1252 character encoding

Recently I came across a character encoding that I didn’t recognise, WINDOWS-1252. Being a Windows character encoding it’s not at all surprising that I didn’t recognise it/do not like it. The solution to decoding such encoded strings is actually pretty …

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SVN: View logs

While you’re at the terminal you may as well take advantage of subversions log command to view logs/history without having to open your browser.

This quick tip gives an overview of how to get the most out of svn log.

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OSX: Five extremely useful finder keyboard shortcuts

Here are five extremely useful finder keyboard shortcuts that every OSX user should know. Open a new finder window This key sequence will open a new finder window in front of the current window. CMD+N

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Useful command line cursor shortcuts

Find below some useful cursor shortcuts, while it may take a while to get used to using these commands, they will increase your efficiency in command line usage. Move the the beginning of the line: CTRL+A

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Using arguments from the previous command

Repeating arguments used in the previous command can be rather annoying, especially if it’s a long, complicated value. However, using an explanation mark can repeat the previous arguments. Much like using double explanation marks to repeat the entire previous command.

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