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OSX: How to take a screen shot

There are several ways to capture your screen on OSX. Find below the key sequences to the most used screen capture commands. Entire display screen shot This takes an screenshot of your entire display. CMD+SHIFT+3

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Tar and compress in one easy step

When taring files and directories the chances are you will want to compress the archive as well. Here’s how to do it quickly, in a single command: tar -czvf archive.tgz directory

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Executing a command with input from find output

Files on Linux can be found in quite a few different ways, two of the more common commands are find and locate. Personally I tend to use find more so over locate due to the higher search-ability and actions available …

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List the last 10 files in a directory and order

Listing of files is a common procedure day in day out when on the command line and more often than not you will want to list the last X amount of files. Doing so is pretty simple: ls -ltr | …

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How to clear your DNS cache on OS X

When a DNS change has occurred on your network, unlike what seems to be believed, you do not need to reboot your Mac.

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Installing CentOS 5.4 over HTTP

Installing a distro, in this case CentOS over HTTP is a good learning experience however, beyond learning it can have some great benefits: – You can boot from small media, for example a 100Mb USB drive – You get all …

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Debugging methods for PHP

I recently read an article about the most commonly used PHP functions and while reading I was thinking about the most useful functions I tend to use day in, day out when debugging.

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7 tips to prevent PHP running out of memory

Is the following error familiar to you? Fatal error: Allowed memory size of XXX bytes exhausted It is to me and recently I’ve written an import script that reads the contents of 10 XML files. These files accumulate a total …

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symfony 1.2+ tasks: The “default” context does not exist

If you happen to run into the error ‘The “default” context does not exist’ when running a custom symfony task the chances are you’re using a method of an object which utilizes sfContext. It seems symfony does not create an …

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