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PCI Compliance: Disable SSLv2 and weak ciphers for Apache2 SSL

If you have been advised to avoid weak SSL ciphers and disable SSLv2 let me inform you that it is actually a pretty simple task. Find below step by step instructions on clearing these two advisories for the PCI compliancy …

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How to find the fattest directories with du (Disk Usage)

If you happen to be running out of space on your *nix platform or would like to see which directories are consuming the most disk space you can use the disk usage utility. Most Linux distros come with du, disk …

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Howto set date and time from the CLI and keep your time synced with ntpdate

Being a systems administrator, at some point in your life you’re more than likely going to need to update the date and time on your linux box. If you only have command line access to a linux server you will …

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A lesson in bash history

Have you ever wondered how it is that you can skip back and forwards throughout your history of commands on bash? Well it’s pretty simple, bash keeps a log of all commands you enter in a file called bash_history in …

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How to send email from the command line

A quick and easy test to make sure SMTP is working on a server is to send an email, without a desktop environment this can be done via the command line. This how to demonstrates how to do so on …

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How to dump MySQL stored procedures

When dumping a MySQL database, by default, stored procedures and functions will not be backed up. If you want to backup stored procedures as well as the structure and data you can specify the –routines option on mysqldump. mysqldump -u …

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Mount NFS from server to client

Many projects I tend to work on require mounting of directories over a network in order to propagate static data in a load balanced, redundant environment. This howto details how to configure an NFS server and mount a directory on a …

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How to solve the MySQL replication Access denied for user ‘debian-sys-maint’@’localhost’ issue

While testing a MySQL master -> slave replication I was unable to connect to the slave remotely, despite this working on the master. Originally I thought the issue was simple, I forgot to comment out the binding of MySQL to …

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Simple MySQL replication with Ubuntu – Master to slave

A simple, easy to follow and extremely detailed how to on setting up basic MySQL master to slave replication on Ubuntu.

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Appcelerator: Left/Right nav button background colour

Due to the workings of the iPhone SDK, allowing system buttons, which are the default nav buttons located on the navbar to have different background colours is not currently possible.

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