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About srcnix

My name is Steve Clarke and I was born and live in the UK. My alias, srcnix, can be found on most social networking sites and was derived from my initials and love for *nix.

Developing since ’98 I eventually left college and went straight into the development industry in 2005 and currently work for Bluhalo, a leading digital agency within the UK.

On this blog you will find my obsessions (I have many): Web technologies, leaning more towards development and networking but also my findings, music and more. Being rather opinionated, but open, a great deal of my posts may have strong views, however, please feel free to respond to my posts whether you agree or disagree.

I am always open to other peoples opinions and more than happy to take them on board. If you’d prefer you’re more than welcome to email me: srcnix [at]

If you’d like to be updated when a new post is made feel free to follow me on Twitter or subscribe to this blogs RSS feed.

Enjoy your stay!