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A follow up to getting your iPhone app expedited by the Apple review team

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about theories on getting your iPhone app review expedited by contacting the Apple review team.

Early last week I decided to try my first idea which was putting the app name in the minds of the reviewers by simply asking how long it would take to review “App name”. While the review team were exceptionally helpful, putting the app into their minds was not enough to get the app expedited into review.

Sadly, the app I submitted was actually rejected at the end of last week, thankfully the reason was a simple fix and a minor mistake which I wouldn’t have known about unless noticed by the reviewers themselves. Having said that, I see the rejection as a blessing in disguise as it has allowed me to re-submit the app with a stronger appearance and additional, fundamental features.

I have written press-releases that I have had to put on hold for a large number of blogs, magazines and newspapers. Because of this I thought I’d be direct with Apple and request for my app to be expedited.

Here is my email:

Hi guys and girls,

Thanks for the details you provided me when rejecting [App name], it was extremely useful and I have now fixed the issue.

I was wondering if I could be cheeky and request that [App name] be reviewed again ASAP. Ideally I was looking at releasing the app by the end of the month (Today at the lastest) but that’s now out of the question, however the sooner the better as I have quite a few press releases that are now on hold for the release.

I understand I may be pushing my luck here and I’m certain you get requests like this all the time, however, I’m happy to give you a good review on as it seems you guys don’t get enough praise on the Internet for your hard grafting.

Thank for your time and hard work guys and girls!


Steve Clarke

The way I see it is the reviewers at Apple are doing their job and likely get emails day in, day out, requesting for apps to be expedited. Because of this I put it plain and simple in my email that it’s simply a request and that they would be doing me a huge favour. In return I would give them good credit on my blog, which I’m certain they must have heard numerous times before.

To my surprise I actually got a response from one of the reviewers:

Dear Steve,

Thank you for contacting the iPhone Developer Program regarding the review of [App name]. We have made a one-time exception and will proceed with an expedited review of [App name].

We understand that in rare cases, situations arise which require an exceptional response. We want to remind you that expedited reviews are provided on a limited basis, otherwise the process itself becomes ineffective and we may not be able to accommodate additional requests in the future.

Best Regards,

iOS Developer Program

As you will have noticed, the reviewer is expediting my app for me due to the circumstances. This is an extremely thoughtful and appreciated gesture that will not be forgotten and as my response to them stated, I’m not here to aggravate them or push my luck because at the end of the day they have thousands of developers to cater for.

I’ve said before and I’m going to say it again: what you don’t ask for you will not get. Just keep in mind that having a suitable reason behind needing your application expedited is required and on rare occasions they will do the best they can. Being cheeky to those that hold the power of reviewing your app is far from the smartest thing to do and you should treat them with the respect you want in return.

So here’s to the app review team, thank you very much and keep up the good work!

Posted in iPhone Development on the 2nd December 2010

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s good to see that the Apple review team are open to expediting and you’re definitely correct in saying they hold the power of your app review so treat them with the respect you would want to be treated with. Though, this should be applied throughout anyones life.

    This has been a great read.

  2. Felipe says:

    Hello Steve! I’d like to know how long did your app take to be ready for sale after the expedited review was approved? I am waiting for review for 17 days, and on expedited review approved for 4 days, and still no news from Apple. Apple stoped to answer my e-mails, and my app must be on sale today, because it intends to update some phone numbers due a change in brazilian telephony’s rules. This change in Brazil takes place this week, and if Apple don’t aprove my app today, all my effort developing for iOS will be lost.

    I’m very, very, very disappointed with Apple Developer Programs, that charges $99/year and treat your developers this way. 

    I understand that everyone wants priority on their reviews, but in some cases like mine there is a time-event that demands that the review has to be done at least in 2 weeks. I submitted my app even earlier than I thought it was necessary, and now I see that you have to submit at least 1 month before to be sure that it will be ready for sale before your launch date.



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