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Thoughts on how to expedite your iPhone application review

Browsing the web trying to find a decent explanation to Apples review process I came across a discussion about app review times. Reading the discussion I came across an email address that made me think about how you could possibly expedite the review process.

Keep in mind these are just theories, and may not work. However, what you don’t ask for, you wont get.

While the last thing you want to do is irritate employees at Apple I cannot see any harm in sending a question asking for estimations on when your app will be reviewed. Putting an app in the mind of a reviewer may well entice them to review it sooner than later to see what the fuss is about. Also, sometimes people do good deeds, today may be the day someone does a good deed for you.

If you happen to request that your app be expedited by the person that reads the email make sure you consider the following when writing it:

There is being cheeky and there is being damn right out of order. The last thing you want to do is annoy the person reading your email. If you can give them crap they sure as hell can give it back. Don’t give them a reason to review your app quickly just to reject it out of spite.

Sometimes acting naive is more beneficial than one may think. However, you can only get away with this a few times before the reader smells something fishy.

Sometimes just putting the app in the mind of the receiver will help push the app further down the line, however, you may want to try actually asking the receiver to do this for you. If you do this make sure you give some reasons as to why you’d like the app pushed through, for example, if the app is related to Christmas you would obviously want it reviewed and (hopefully) accepted before Christmas otherwise the app is of little use. This would act as a smart and valid excuse as to why you want the app reviewed sooner.

Having said all that I have, you can contact the app reviewers here:

One last time, in case you didn’t quite grasp it: what you don’t ask for, you wont get, so ask as you have nothing to lose.

Posted in iPhone Development on the 20th November 2010

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  1. IByDev says:

    I suppose it doesn’t hurt to get your name in the minds of the reviewers but at the same time, as you rightly mentioned, you do not want to piss them off.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just read your followup. This is a great read and I will recommend it to my developer friends.


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