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Updates: Entering the world of iPhone app development and more

Yesterday I submitted my first iPhone application to Apple and with that I will be releasing an additional section to srcnix’s obsessions. More importantly, upon acceptance this application will be the first project I have ever finished (Minus this blog), this is a rather huge experience for myself and the feeling of just submitting the app is great enough to want to experience again. To cut this short, expect more, lots more.

This new section, which will be known as srcnix’s apps; will cover all applications I develop. Whether iPhone apps, web apps or system applications you will find a great deal of coverage for my releases. This site will also act as a location for users of my apps to come and collaborate with me, whether to thank me, moan at me or to request a feature, this will be the place for you to go.

The new section will initially be styled pretty close to the same design I have used on this blog but with a different name. Of course, the content will be tailored specifically for the apps I have developed. Anything indirectly associated to the apps will be located on srcnix’s obsessions.

With that said, expect a great deal more time and effort put into my obsessions.

Posted in My world on the 17th November 2010

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  1. Steve says:

    Nice one mate. Looking forward to trying them out and hopefully providing some useful feedback. I will keep an eye out. Catch you later.


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