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Finder shortcuts – Navigate finder directories with your keyboard

If you’re anything like me you’re always searching for ways to make your life easier on OSX. This post follows on from the five extremely useful finder keyboard shortcuts post I wrote last month detailing how to navigate through directories with the keyboard.

First, you need to open “Go to folder” with SHIFT+CMD+G. This will open the following navigation panel.

Go To Folder Panel

Go To Folder Panel

Now simply type the location you’d like to navigate to. If you would like to navigate to somewhere within your home directory prepend ~/ to your query. For example the following would navigate you to your Downloads directory.


You’re not limited to parent directories either, you can navigate to sub directories too, for example:


Another nice feature of “Go to folder” is auto complete. Start typing where you would like to navigate to and hit TAB, this will auto complete the directory name for you, if it exists.

Posted in Mac OS X on the 9th November 2010

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  1. IByDev says:

    Sorry for the large flow of comments, I have been meaning to make comments for the past few days but have been busy. I just wanted to comment on this and let you know I started using go to folder as soon as I read the post.

    Keep on posting tips, they are very useful!

  2. BaridBelMedar says:

    This is a really useful tip – being new to mac, I often felt frustrated at apparently having to click around in finder. This makes navigating about at least _feel_ much quicker and cleaner, which makes a big difference.

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