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Control system volume from terminal

A bit of a fun tip for today, control your system volume from the terminal. Of course, if you have access to another Mac via SSH you could always manipulate the volume remotely via SSH, say, for instance, someone is playing some rather pathetic or annoying music and you want it to stop!

sudo osascript -e “set Volume X”

Where X needs to be a value between 0 (Mute0 and 10 (Max volume).


sudo osascript -e “set Volume 0″

Full volume:

sudo osascript -e “set Volume 10″

Or maybe scare the living daylights out of someone who has their music real low by increasing their volume to max and then muting:

sudo osascript -e “set Volume 10″; sudo osascript -e “set Volume 0″

A little fun shouldn’t hurt anyone…

Posted in Mac OS X on the 8th November 2010

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  1. IByDev says:

    I cannot wait to use this when people are playing ridiculous music at work. Thanks for yet another great tip!

  2. BaridBelMedar says:

    Wow – they do games in terminal now? :) Great way to have some fun on an otherwise boring day…!

  3. kiriagi says:

    u do this a lot dont u ! :D


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