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Find the total amount of logged in users in Linux

Finding out how many users are logged into a box is surprisingly an easy task. You can use who to list all ttys connections like so:

srcnix console Nov 2 09:23
srcnix ttys000 Nov 5 09:42
srcnix ttys001 Nov 3 15:08
srcnix ttys002 Nov 3 15:28
srcnix ttys003 Nov 4 10:28
srcnix ttys004 Nov 3 09:59
srcnix ttys005 Nov 3 09:59

Of course, for us lazy people who want to know how many people are currently logged in you can pipe the result of who through word count.

who | wc -l

This saves you having to count and is often useful when writing scripts. Word count (wc) counts words, lines, characters and bytes. The -l parameter signifies to count the lines and as who lists all sessions line by line this is exactly what we need.

Posted in Linux on the 6th November 2010


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