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Appcelerator teams up with Paypal, what does that mean for us?

Appcelerator and Paypal

With the latest news of Appcelerator receiving $9million worth of investment and it’s partnership with Paypal; I found myself in bed wondering what this means to us, the developers and digital agencies.

The first and foremost important factor of this news is that if you haven’t started using Appcelerator because of not knowing if it will still be around in years to comes, you should now have that piece of mind that you need.

Such an investment should not be ignored or sniffed at. It should be seen as a statement of great potential.

Appcelerator’s partnership with Paypal is just another solid statement of potential. They’re clearly thinking about the future of iPhone applications and as it may seem, the clients they provide for.

Personally I can only see this news as almost gold, however, why is only speculation.

We are also announcing a partnership with PayPal to deliver the first-ever mobile commerce platform to Titanium developers, and through the PayPal merchant channel.

The quote from the email I received from them this evening informing me of this news indicates so much potential. Here are some speculations of my own that have derived from an evening of thoughts:

  • Integration with Paypal opens the door to taking payments away from the App Store. Essentially opening up a vast amount of application ideas.

    Referring back to a previous post of mine, Apple not accepting donation apps due to their cut through the App Store; this would now, as an example, be possible.

  • If by “mobile commerce platform” Appcelerator mean an commerce API for easy setup of stores; this would allow for the possibility of fast track development (and therefore lower cost) of native store apps for online stores.

    Native apps would be quickly welcomed by the iPhone and iPod touch market. Less work is always welcome.

  • Eommernce service providers can only benefit heavily from such a feature by easily integrating Ecommerce apps for their clients.

    Low costs to them means lower costs to online shops which isn’t currently the case.

I know I already have plenty of ideas of my own: and as a person who uses Appcelerator, and to be truthful, not even their paid services, I’m extremely thankful for the potential they are providing us. Let’s just hope I’m hitting somewhere in the right area of assumptions – any clarification would be welcomed.

Posted in Development on the 26th October 2010

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  2. IByDev says:

    I saw this email and your tweet this morning. I didn’t quite see the potential and you’ve made some very good assumptions. If they become true Appcelerator developers are in for the win.

    Having said that, Paypal is often flakey, how will this affect applications?

    • srcnix says:

      I haven’t personally experienced any “flakey” issues with Paypal, however some of the comments I have received from this blog post on Twitter and Facebook indicate others have.

      This is something we’d have to wait on but with how Appcelerator have been bashing out bug fixes recently I wouldn’t see this as a big deal.


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