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Should we care about IE 9?

IE 9

IE 9

With the IE 9 release being just around the corner as well as seeing the article “With less than 50% market share, IE is now losing the browser wars” at Mashable I decided to dig deeper into whether we should care about the release of IE 9.

Microsoft have probably realised that one day their browser will not be the top browser to use if they carry on moving away from standards as they have been. This is understandable and most likely the reason IE 9 boasts support for lots of HTML5 specification features, such as audo and video elements, SVG and the HTML 5 canvas bitmap.

The management at Microsoft have evidently decided to increase the performance of Internet Explorer, this is a great bonus to those who I often hear cry out “Bloody IE has crashed AGAIN!” and “IE is so slow! Make it faster for me”. One specific, interesting and very much needed performance increase is allowing JavaScript to be processed directly by the processor as apposed to going through an additional layer (Which is/was Microsofts way of doing a lot of things to keep control).

While not as important as sticking to standards or increasing the performance of the application, its looks and feel seem to be a great deal more modern and almost Google Chrome like. I’m not certain I like the idea of using the simpleton design like that of Chrome but at the end of the day it’s an Org eat Org world out there and each company is fighting for their place at the top.

Recently Microsoft seems to have been making an effort with usability, stability and performance enhancements in their operating system (Windows 7), just maybe Microsoft have decided to enter the upscale market of products. If such a company can put the time and effort into making applications that suite our needs more so than lining their pockets then they have the thumbs up from me.

Posted in Browsers on the 6th October 2010

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  1. IByDev says:

    I would be about time, that’s the least I can say right now.

    MS have made great progress with Windows 7, let’s just hope IE9 is just as good and more importantly future development is done with quality in mind, not money.

  2. BaridBelMedar says:

    By all accounts, ie9 is pretty decent. However, as quickly as MS catches up in some areas, it falls behind in others. For example, new iterations of ff, opera et al have support for the emerging webGL standard. The absence of such support (or at least, I have heard no confirmation) does undermine the purpose behind the standard.

    As good as ie9 is, and as much of an improvement as it may be, I think it is important that MS realises it is as important to cooperate with new standards as to innovate or adopt existing ones.

    That said, I am growing increasingly frustrated with ff crashes and am interested to see if ie9 will be the last nudge in switching browser once again…

    • srcnix says:

      Some very good points made there Nick, especially about abiding by standards and this enforces my point about concentrating on what people want more than lining their pockets.

      By not sticking to standards Microsoft are deferring people away from other applications, such as other browsers.


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