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Interesting traffic and domain infographics

This week I come across two rather interesting infographics. These infographics represent two different aspects of the Internet. The first, traffic and the second domains.

Internet traffic
While this infographic was done based on traffic in 2008 I find it interesting to see where the majority of Internet traffic comes from. The largest source of traffic, surprisingly, is not the US but China.

Internet Traffic Infographic

Internet Traffic Infographic

Domain trends
This infographic represents the top domains and influential people on the Internet in the form of the Tokyo subway system. It uses domains to represent the stations and the size of the station to represent the domains importance and size on the Internet.

Domain Infographic

Domain Infographic

Do you have any interesting infographics you’d like to share with me? If so feel free to comment or email me.

Posted in Internet on the 3rd October 2010

One person has spoken their mind!

  1. IByDev says:

    The latter infographic is very good. It must have taken an extremely long time to get it so detailed.

    Seeing the usage in “hits” over the different countries in 2008 is definitely an insight. I wonder what the differences are now, two years later.


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