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iPhone App Review: Wifi HD

Wifi HD

Wifi HD iPhone App

Recently I came across a rather interesting and somewhat useful app for the iPhone. This app, by the name of Wifi HD turns your iPhone into a wireless hard drive. That alone is interesting enough to download this app, but using it was worth the purchase price of £1.19 ($1.99).

By opening the app and being connected to a wireless network your iPhone is assigned an IP addresses. With this IP address and the specified port number (Default: 8888) you can access your iPhone as a wireless hard drive through your browser.

Uploading and downloading files is pretty fast and is only limited by the speed of the wireless network and the writing speed for your iPhones HD.


  • Have a hard drive on you at all times
  • Easy to use
  • A suitable price, despite crashes


  • Needs some work, I have experienced crashes a few times but not enough to discourage use of the app.
  • Simple interface, not exactly the greatest designed app available

An extremely useful app to have. I’ve already used it on numerous occasions and no longer need to worry about taking my USB key with me everywhere I go.

It may be worth downloading the free version first to try the application before you buy but overall this is an app you should be downloading.

Posted in Reviews on the 30th September 2010


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