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Entrepreneurs: Ideas and progressing

Always coming up with ideas, I tend to start one, think of another, and put the previous project on hold while I progress the new idea. The only issue with that is not actually finishing a project idea – or at least, not getting it out there.

This problem most likely affects the majority of “ideas people”, hell people would even call them entrepreneurs, day in day out. Now I don’t know how they get around such issues but recently, for me, it’s holding all new project ideas and continuing with the one I already have in mind. In this case, an iPhone app.

A thought that often comes into my head is what exactly makes you an entrepreneur? Is it the success of releasing a project and gaining revenue and eventually profit successfully, or is it having an idea and being able to manage and effectively finish it? Or maybe it’s something completely different? The most simple answer would be to look online and see what people relay as being an entrepreneur – but there is no fun in that!

Oh… two cats having a fight, I’m off!

Posted in Entrepreneurism on the 13th July 2010


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