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Why do Apple not allow donation apps?

While thinking about applications that I could develop, I came up with a pretty simple idea that has yet to be done. The idea? Simple, a list of all charities along with their properties and a donate button for each individual charity. A rather simple and selfless application on my behalf, however, a nice way to help those in need.

The idea of the donate button was to allow end users to make a donation to a specific charity through the in app payment gateway, as apposed to having to input their Paypal credentials on their phone. Through very little research it seems this is far from possible, at least, through Apple’s own in app purchase API.

Being that Apple take a percentage of payments for themselves, donating to charity would also be donating to them, which, as you may have already worked out, is damn right not allowable. Apple have obviously seen the repercussions of doing this and as a result will deny such an application.

So my question; Why not do a branch of the in app purchase API that is specific to donations? Surely this wouldn’t affect Apple if the application and the development company was verified – being that companies go through a long hauled period waiting for their development license I’m pretty sure companies wanting to develop donation applications are happy to wait to be verified that they are in fact working on behalf of a charity?

That’s little work on Apples side and would be a somewhat appreciated feature for charities. Of course, we generally know this wont happen as with any other large organisation, it would not benefit them a great deal, other than publicity.

Posted in Interesting on the 16th June 2010


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