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An overview of iPhone 4

On the 24th of June, merley 2 weeks from now another revolutionary device will be available from the Apple store.

iPhone 4

iPhone 4

Apple are not wrong, they have created a new device that will once again change everything in the hands of an individual. Most would be confused about this, wondering what else one can do with a hand held device but let me tell you, it’s not just about the device’s capabilities.

A gorgeous design
Looking at my 3GS in comparison to the iPhone 4 I can tell you now, it looks like a plastic toy that I would gratefully hand over to a new born baby. Actually, that’s a lie, the baby best want to be able to run fast if it dares touches my life… sorry… phone.

The iPhone 4 will hit the market with great precision in design. With a stainless steel and glass body, squared, rounded edges the iPhone 4 will very much be the style for Apple to follow in their up coming products. I can see a correlation between the differences in Macbooks to the differences in iPhone design – they are both going down the same, correct path.

Not only used for the gorgeous looks the stainless steel band provides structural rigidity and acts as both of the iPhone 4 antennas.

The glass used in the chassis of the phone is aluminosilicate, the same glass used in helicopters and high speed trains. Estimated to be 20 times stronger than plastic and extremely scratch resistant. To have this for the front and back of your phone will help keep it looking in good nick all year round. Personally, being one for tidiness and always making sure nothing scratches my phone, this is a blessing.

An upgrade in display
While initially disappointed that Apple released a phone requiring modification to apps to meet the new resolution, that’s nothing in comparison to the extra use and pleasure one will get from this device. The screen resolution change is nothing compared to the different resolutions and screen sizes that vary so much across the Android phones.

With the new, integrated retina display featuring a 960×640 backlit LCD, this display allows for extremely high resolution, colour and contrast for its user.

With the ability to play 720p HD videos, not to mention the ability to record in such high quality resolution and edit, as well as share movies through the new iMovie app, I can only think of one word that describes what Apple have brought to the market… Awesomeness.

An upgrade in processing power
With greater power usually comes lower battery life, with the exception of Apples A4 processor that allows for a power efficient, faster processor than what already existing in the iPhone. The new processor allows for multitasking, whether or not this is true multitasking is unknown to me, however, having a processor in a phone that is powerful enough to edit videos and use FaceTime calls is rather appealing to most individuals.

Gyro + Accelerometer
With the addition of the built in three-axis gyroscope the new iPhone will give additional functionality for users and developers. Having the ability to track acceleration, angular velocity and rotation rate allows for great precision and a higher end gaming experience.

While this is simply just additional axis added to the iPhone I can actually see great potential in future apps, specifically augmented reality and games.

The much required camera upgrade
Apple have added a 5MP camera and LED flash that allows for much higher quality photos and videos. The LED also acts as a light when video recording so no more dark videos when the light isn’t suitable.

In addition to the back camera comes the front camera, this allows for easier photos of ones self but more importantly allows for FaceTime. Talk face to face with your friends and family, see the emotion they are giving off while talking, no longer feel the somewhat dreadful lag in video calling.

A great use for a mic and speaker
Apple have added an additional microphone to the iPhone 4. The main mic is used for all voice related actions while the second is used to “suppress unwanted and distracting background sounds”, keeping your conversations between you and your callee – sounds like something most would benefit from when in a busy location or at a party.

The second mic is also used for FaceTime calls.

iOS 4, an update in the operating system
With the upcoming release of the iPhone 4 Apple have added additional functionality to the new iPhone OS, iOS4.

With the ability to multitask you can finally switch between applications instantly without draining battery life, unlike some other phones I’ve had in my hands.

Other useful features include folders to store your apps, always nice to categorise your applications for easier navigation. The ability to view attachments from emails in third party applications, iBooks, 5x digital zooming with the camera, changing of your wallpaper on the home screen and wireless keyboard support – why you would want a wireless keyboard for such a small device is unknown to me at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll come round to the idea.

Apple have yet again developed a device that is not only damn right sexy but powerful and extremely productive for most if not all individuals. The architecture is extremely pleasing and the new features make this new Apple product a device worth craving.

The iPhone 4 gets my vote!

Posted in Reviews on the 9th June 2010


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