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Five awesome 404 pages

Every now and again I will come across an awesome 404 page, either accidentally or in result of being pointed to it by a peer. Here is a collection of the 404 pages I think are worth taking a look at.

404 pages can give great amusement but more importantly they give great inspiration.

Gratefully not everything in the business world needs to be straight forward and formal, a little light hearted page goes along way.

Appcelerators “Four-Oh-Four”

This 404 page I stumbled upon not long ago when Appcelerators developer centre was down, and man did I gave a good old “laugh out loud” moment. Suggestion number 4 was unexpected to say the least and somewhat entertaining!

Appcelerator 404

Appcelerator 404

Expansion Broadcast’s “Douche bag”

I was linked to this 404 after linking to the Appcelerators “Four-Oh-Four” and I’ve got to say, it’s brave, it’s amusing and it’s famous!

Expansion Broadcast 404

Expansion Broadcast 404

Chris Jenning’s “See you soon”

There is nothing like being greeted by a grim reaper saying “see you soon” when you’ve made a terrible mistake in a URL. This is just cool, yet disturbing.

Chris Jennings 404

Chris Jennings 404

CSS-Tricks “Uh oh!”

Chris Coyier’s 404 is rather creative to say the least. It keeps inline with the concepts of his blog, CSS tricks, while maintaining his creativity and and exploration of script.

CSS Tricks 404

CSS Tricks 404

South Park’s “Son of a bitch! Where’s my page?”

A rather amusing, definitely South Park style humored 404. This error works really well with the concepts behind South Park and therefore the site. Good old fat Cartman!

South Park 404

South Park 404

What about you?

Have you seen any 404 error pages worth a mention? If so feel free to link me, I’m always looking out for entertaining or just completely awesome 404s.

Posted in Reviews on the 21st April 2010

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