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5 Twitter users worth a mention (Web development and techy)

I fancied mentioning some users I follow on Twitter, not because they’re at all special (Well, some may be) but because they have either helped or entertained me, whether formally or informally. Keeping this post in line with the users are of the web development and technology genre.


A source of great information. If something is going on in the tech world Mashable know about it and will have posted about it in no time. For quick updates follow @mashable.


CSS geek at heart, awesome designer by eye. Chris Coyier’s site CSS Tricks is worth checking out. The amount of tips and tricks on his site is phenomenal.

Following Chris on Twitter will lead you to great resources.


I currently work with Simon, his tweets are usually either rather amusing or rather informative. If you need information on networking or technology this guy usually has the answer. Though be warned, he is a RTFM kind of guy ;) .


If you’re looking for articles and tutorials for PHP @abcphp will lead you to the right location. is a great repository of articles and following them on Twitter will keep you updated on their latest additions.


While I’m not a designer Harry does come up with some awesome sites to look at for inspiration. Not to mention Harry’s “inspiration of the day” usually involves an extremely radical site worth a ton of laughs.

Posted in Reviews on the 13th April 2010

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  1. Paul Windust says:

    Great post, some really helpfull information – but you forgot to mention @srcnix!!

  2. Harry Ford says:

    Thanks for the mention Steve :)

  3. Simon Green says:

    Thanks for the mention :)


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