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Being a command line junkie I am always looking at ways to make my life easier and for that to happen I need to be able to do things faster. As a result I thought it worth while mentioning CTRL+R on the command line, also known as reverse-i-search.

Using CTRL+R will allow you to search through your previously entered commands to help prevent having to write them out again.

(reverse-i-search)`tai’: tail -f /var/log/apache/error.log

Once you have pressed CTRL+R start typing the command you have previously used and it will appear.

It’s extremely useful and will become second hand to you if you use it enough.

Posted in Linux on the 7th April 2010

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  2. BaridBelMedar says:

    Very useful, something I will try very hard to remember!

    • srcnix says:

      It’s an extremely useful tip to remember. It takes a while to remember to use it day in day out but once you do it cuts down a good amount of time repeating commands.


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