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My thoughts on the iPad

Over the past few months much hype circulated about the announcement of the Apple iPad. With the hype came a lot of speculation of its potential “awesomeness” and because of this it seems a great deal of people were let down with what Apple revealed.

Personally, I thought the release of the iPad was a little disappointing. At least until I read between the lines and really thought about the use of the device. Due to rumors and my own imagination running wild I had hoped that the iPad would have some form of video output and ability to interface with network storage out of the box. I was disappointed to find out this wasn’t the case and as an avid Apple fan, I can’t find any use, personally, for the device. This doesn’t mean the device is a complete pile of rubbish though, in fact it’s the exact opposite of that.

Just because the device didn’t quite meet expectations for everyone doesn’t mean it’s not a great device. Let’s think about what the average user does when they are on a computer: Check email, browse the web, chat online, write documents and play a few small games. For this the device pretty much suits that market. It’s lighter than a laptop, has exceptional battery life compared to existing products of the same spec and the price is not too shabby! To me, the iPad is a nicely styled netbook, yet lighter weight and more suited towards those that do not want a fully functional desktop or the hassles of a netbook, not to mention the use of the app store.

Will I be getting an iPad? Not any time soon, but props to Apple for developing a device that has a great deal of potential – as always! I will eventually get my hands on an iPad to try it out and if it meets my new expectations I will be recommending to friends and family.

Posted in Reviews on the 8th February 2010


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